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Clarity Solutions Center...Scam or legit?

Started by jessbixl, March 15, 2018, 09:05:10 pm

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I had actually received a letter in the mail saying "FINAL NOTICE". I was a little confused because I hadn't received any other notices from them. Anyways, I had called and talked to a lady about my loans she asked me a bunch of legit questions then had me talk to a different lady. She said I qualified for total loan forgiveness in I think it was a 240 month program. So whatever wasn't paid off would be 100% forgiven. In that process I was going to consolidate my loans. She wanted me routing and account bank number so that she could set up automatic payments for this "processing fee" that I had to pay for 3 months in order for this to be done. The payments were about 270ish which I told her is way higher than my monthly payments on Sallie Mae. I told her I didn't feel comfortable giving out my bank information and asked if there was a way to pay online like you do Sallie Mae or a paypal to which she said no that it had to be done this way. Told her I would think about it and asked how much time I had before the deadline. She told me I had till monday or the thing closes. She was able to tell me I had 7 loans and the exacts amounts for each loan. She sounded very knowledgeable. She told me I couldn't add my Sallie Mae to the consolidation that I would have to talk to a "private lender" for that. So I called the "private lender" who was supposed to be a guy. A girl answered I go I need to talk to Brandon she goes okay but first I'm going to get this paperwork going. What's your social security # and drivers license #?? Stupid me not thinking anything of it gave it to her!!! I thought that was a normal routine question?? =( So then after being on hold for 10 minutes I hung up and called back and Brandon answered. He told me I would have to make an appointment to talk to him which I informed him I already had one at 11 and he wasn't there to talk at that time. He apologizes puts me on hold again then we finally talk. He tells me there is a HUGE lawsuit against Saiile Mae and that he would set it up so that I could be part of that lawsuit. He said I wouldn't have to pay Sallie Mae anymore I would just pay the attorney there were 2 choices and 2 prices. 1 for 4 years at I think it was 117 and 1 for 5 years at 80 or 90 something. I asked him if that is going to ruin my credit he said it might for the first year but after that things will move forward. He asked me how much my loan was for Sallie Mae, I go don't you have that information already in front of you? He gies, no I could look it up give me a second. I said no worries I'll look it up and tell you. So I did. He too wanted my account and routing bank number. I told him I had to think on it and let me guess I had till monday? He goes yeah. So I figured I just got scammed it seemed too good to be true. now I'm petrified my identity will be stolen since they have my soc # and drivers license #. Is there anything I can do to protect my identity now?? I feel as though I'm screwed. =( Does this sound like scammers to you guys? Google doesn't reveal anything on reviews I have googled all day. Thanks guys in advance! I feel like such a stupid person =(


Remember, you can do everything with your Federal loans for free by calling your lender or going online to StudentLoans.gov.

If you choose to work with a third party company, realize you will pay a fee, and you must do your due diligence.

Read this articles to help you:


Do I have to worry about them stealing my identity now that that have my social security # and drivers license #? I'm so scared that they are going to do that!! =((((( If so, what can I do to fix this?


All you can do is vigilantly monitor your information and credit report.

The FTC has a great guide on what to do if you're concerned about identity theft: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/feature-0014-identity-theft


I signed up to have my loans consolidated today with Clarity Solutions today. I can't believe that I got scammed, they made everything sound so legitimate and I didn't even realize I wasn't working with the Department of Education until the very end after all my account information and banking had been passed over and documents had been signed. Even then, the person on the other end made it seem completely legitimate. I was surprised by the high charge but the way they explained what it was for seemed reasonable. I feel sick to my stomach now and am super worried... the one thing I have not completed is sending back the General Forbearance Request. Has anyone gotten to this point and been able to cancel without getting charged or been able to get out of the agreement after signing everything??


I got the same FINAL NOTICE paper in the mail too from Clarity Solutions. So what my understanding is that the 3rd Party Processing agencies are the ones who charge. I'm hesitant too and I've been getting calls lately saying that I can consolidate and the person on the phone told me my loan balance and told me I was randomly selected from the state for loan forgiveness or something like that. They almost had me I didn't know if to trust it or not.


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Hey lzllz and jessbixl, I've made the same mistake with Clarity Solutions.  Has your identity been messed with since its happened? 

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Hey all.  I also made the same mistake with Clarity Solutions Center a while back and feel like the biggest dummy ever.  I got all the way to the point where I had to sign things before I noticed, but I didn't sign anything.  I did on the other hand give them my ssn#, DL#, bank account, email, and some other personal information that I never should have.  That being said I have not had anything sketchy appear as of yet, but I did the following immediately after the event just in case:

  • Contacted my federal student loan provider and made them aware of what happened, and that I had given no consent to make any changes to my account

  • Closed the bank account that I gave them

  • Froze my credit with all three credit bureaus

  • Purchased an identity theft protection service

  • Contacted the social security administration and confirmed there have been no requests for a new card.  I have been doing this monthly.

  • Had a bit of a psychotic break.

It took me about a month or two to calm down, but I'm an anxious person as is.  Hope this information is comforting to someone.


I also received the final notice from Clarity Solutions. It looked so legit!! I thought this was an official notice from my loan service provider.

I provided the basic information (unfortunately includes my SNN and 2 references), and it was only towards the end that I was told I'd have to pay nearly $700 in processing fees. That sounded odd to me, so I said that I would have to think about it and that I'd call back. He tried to pressure me and said that this is a limited-time program offer.

I just sent an email informing him that I do not want to take part in this program. However, now I'm terrified because they have my SSN.