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Relief Financial - Scam, what else can I do to prevent??!

Started by sj, July 14, 2018, 12:20:55 pm

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Just the other day, Friday at noon I had mistakenly e-signed with this company, Relief Financial over the phone with an operator who put me on this student loan consolidation program for an initial service fee of $799.00 through $266 installments until September. With the first bill having come in (grace period ending) from my current loan provider I was in a bit of a panic-stage as it's been a little tough in the job sector majority of summer for me. Anyways: The man claimed my current loan holder was hiding the fact they're making me pay a small principal with a large interest and having "talked" to the Department of Education said I qualified for the Obama Forgiveness program/240 mo. government-paid program that would wipe the slate clean. Gullible when they requested for it I gave them my e-mail, bank card info, indirectly gave them my fsa login, ssn#, and address. After signing the man said his "lawyer team" would contact me Monday; just for record purposes (because I always do) I asked for the operator's direct-line and name and got a copy of the agreement pdf.

Having found this forum having second-thoughts all night of that day seeing familiar stories from students, I've requested a new card from the bank, changed my e-mail and fasfa login, reported the incident to my loan provider as well added a fraud alert with Equifax on my credit.  Any one have any advice whose actually gotten scammed?

**UPDATE**: Woke up early to get a hold of FSA Feedback, State Office of Attorney, Consumer Protection, and FTC to report and update on recent happenings. Relief's team of "lawyers" / "processing" called. I gave them the reason another party was taking care of it to cancel the agreement and close the account (though they still have my information on profile).  :-\
They seemed rather polite and tried to convince me to stay with them by trying to lower my rate. I didn't give them a chance to convince me otherwise. In the end I got the confirmation number of the cancellation, location of business and representative's first and last name.

I am slightly concerned about the confirmation as it was pretty basic and didn't say what was physically canceled legally-speaking (all it has was my name, the cancellation number and the contact of the person who sent it) though they said it on the phone was the account AND agreement.


Sounds like you got it cancelled. Here's out guide on what to do: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/19642/scammed-by-a-student-loan-company/

All you can really do at this point is monitor your information and make sure everything is fine.