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Clarity Solutions

Started by Stephanie, November 12, 2018, 07:20:49 pm

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Hi has anyone ever heard of Clarity Solutions? I feel so stupid but I just signed up to have them consolidate my loans and put me on the public service loan forgiveness program. The letter they gave me in the mail did not have their name on it,  just a link to the government website to get into my loans. For this reason I thought that it was the Department of Education. I didn't hesitate to give them my information. They quickly explained which program would be best for me, what would happen to my loans, and the timeline for forgiveness.

It was explained to me that I had to pay a portion of my debt up front before they could consolidate it (similar to a down payment with a mortgage is what he said). Again, not  realizing this is a third party I thought that sounded normal so I gave them my information to take automatic payments. Towards the end I realized it was a third party and began to get nervous. They sent me the forms, and they are the same forms that you can fill out yourself online FOR FREE. They did not take any money from my account yet because they put it in for the 23rd of each month. I am hoping I can call tomorrow to cancel.

Has this happened to anyone else? It seems to me that they are a legit company, they are just targeting people like me who did not look hard enough to find ways to consolidate without help. The advisor I spoke to answered all my questions, and truthfully I'd use them it that fee wasn't so high. I guess the upside is that I now have all the information I need to go do this on my own, provided that I am able to cancel what I just signed up for with them.