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My Fed Loan told me wrong repayment plan in 2011

Started by JubJub29, January 13, 2019, 08:11:35 am

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I began repaying my 4 loans, 2 Stafford subsidized and 2 unsubsidized in 2010. In 2011 I called My Fed Loan to tell them my payments were too high and that I qualify for the loan forgiveness program. I was told that I should be on the extended graduate repayment plan. I switched to the extended graduate repayment plan and called in 2017 to confirm the amount of payments made eligible for loan forgiveness. I was told that I would need to consolidate my loans and then they would send me my total months for eligible payments. I did this and it lowered my payments $20.00 but now they are saying I only became eligible for loan forgiveness in 2017 when I called for an update and consolidated. I was paying more in the other program they said I need to be on in 2011 and have never missed a payment. How can I get credit for these years? I have been eligible for the program since I began paying my loans in 2010. Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


If you've had your loans since 2010, you likely had FFEL loans which don't qualify. Also, the extended graduated plan doesn't qualify. You needed to be on IBR, PAYE, RePAYE, or ICR.

Without your loan history, it's impossible to know if the consolidation was needed to get PSLF or not. It sounds like it may have been, in which case your previous payments would have never been eligible.

Now, if you had Direct Loans prior to your consolidation (which would be very rare based on your date), then you should have never consolidated. Do you know what your loans were prior to your consolidation?