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2018 Tax Return Still Says: "Your 2018 tax return has not been processed."

Started by xpdeveloper, March 21, 2019, 02:14:01 pm

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Federal Accepted: Jan 14, 2019 - OVER 71 DAYS

Called IRS, and NOTE that the only IRS call I made was for the following reasons:

   1. FIRST IRS PHONE CALL: FEBRUARY 6, 2019, which is what the WMR site says "to call for a status update when its over 21-days since your return it was accepted". IRS agent advised to call back on MARCH 12, 2019 because my file was pulled for review and to give IRS time to process my return.

   2. SECOND IRS PHONE CALL:  Called after 21+ days, around February 20, 2019, (earlier than March 12, 2019) which is what WMR site still say to call 21-days after processing which I assumed would be January 28, 2019. IRS agent did some research and asked to call NOT ON MARCH 12, 2019 BUT on MARCH 13, 2019. I have a record of the agents ID number.

   3. THIRD IRS PHONE CALL: Called 1-week early, MARCH 6, 2019 to check if there's any update on my return, and the IRS agent said that my file was just inputted, TAKE NOTE, "inputted" into the system, NOT PROCESSED but "INPUTTED" on MARCH 2nd, 2019. And asked to wait 21-days before I call again or keep checking WMR site or my bank account for a direct deposit since I did an e-file. I asked the IRS agent if there's anything I need to do or if there is any mails from IRS that is going out for me to fill-out or any action-items on my part, she said "No, you do not have to do anything but wait." She was nice enough to say that there's nothing that the IRS needs from me and nicely enough to say just wait.

   On MARCH 25, 2019, it'll be 23-days from MARCH 2nd, 2019 where the IRS explicitly said that my return was "INPUTTED" into the system. CURRENT STATUS as of MARCH 21, 2019 4:30PM eastern time: Logging into my IRS Account, it says: "Your 2018 tax return has not been processed."

   All I need to know is what's going on with my return. And based on IRS Freedom of Information (https://www.irs.gov/privacy-disclosure/irs-freedom-of-information), where it says:

"Enacted in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, gives any person the right to access federal agency records or information. The FOIA is based on the presumption that the government and its information belong to the people.

A 1996 amendment to the FOIA, required federal agencies to make many types of records available online. Visit the IRS FOIA Library to learn more.

New law, like the Open Government Act (PDF), as well as new policies, such as those issued by the President and the Attorney General, promote the spirit of transparency envisioned by our founding fathers."

  So I'm guessing, that coming direct from the IRS should at thge very least update me even the very basic information I need regarding whats going on with my 2018 return and not just say a generic message: "Your 2018 tax return has not been processed."

  Not sure what to do at this point, since every call to the IRS just keep delaying my return and they wont even give any specific information on whats happening. I dont mind getting a NEGATIVE return and paying whatever amount of money they asked me to, all I need to know is what to do to prepare for whats coming next.

  Thanks and hope someone who reads this can help give some lawful advice.


How did you file? Do you have your proof that it was accepted? I've seen this message before when your tax return simply hasn't been filed yet.

Getting an acceptance on January 14 is rare because tax filing season didn't even open until January 28, 2019. They do process a small amount of test batches, but I'm talking hundreds of returns nationally, so very rare.


I filed through TaxAct and I have an IRS Federal Acceptance Submission ID number. And when I called, I specifically asked if my return was filed and even offered to file an amendment, but the IRS service representative said that I don't have to do anything, like literally. Which right now just blows my mind knowing the rarity of my case.

To be honest, I feel like the 2018 tax return I filed was thrown out of the garbage bin or have been totally ignored and was put into their Archive and never to be seen again. Its been crazy and this is the VERY FIRST TIME that I have this experience filing a return.