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Documents Done Right.. are they a scam?

Started by carolinek83, April 04, 2019, 03:45:23 pm

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A company called Documents Done Right called me saying they could give me federal student loan forgiveness. I think they are definitely a scam since they tried to say I could make 6 payments in order to get the loan forgiveness, but I don't see any complaints against this company online anywhere. Has anyone else been contacted by this company?


I recently got called too!!

Apparently they're a document preparation company. They don't offer anything except for documents. I wanted their services but I don't qualify since I only have $5,000 in loans..
They walked me through everything. They were explaining the programs the department of education already offers, but they offer to do the paperwork to get the best result.

Not a scam, it's kinda like taxes. You can do it on your own but if you want to get the most out of your program then definitely give them a call..


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We have discussed many hours with Documents Done Right and came to the conclusion that a miscommunication between us (Scammer.info admins) and Documents Done Right has led to the assumption of us that they are scammers and were cold calling people.
However that was not true! It came to light that they are not scammers, they are indeed providing paperwork help and help people to submit the documents every year to re-qualify for the different programms. Furthermore they do not ask for FSA ID and also they have a company address and everything is openly visible on their website.
They were super open and cooperative so as far as we are concerned trust them in the way they are doing business.

Sorry for the confusion.

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