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Financial aid/scholarship money never disbursed

Started by rjdmramos, July 17, 2019, 07:45:58 pm

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Hi all. I am at my witts end with this. My daughter's financial aid, grants and scholarship money was never disbursed due to me needing to get one of my tax returns amended. Everything was done when they asked. I submitted the papers to the IRS to be amended that same day the school brought it to my attention. The IRS took about 3 months to finally complete the amendment. When I received the letter from the IRS stating that everything was corrected, I submitted it to the school. The school told me and my daughter it was already passed the deadline and that we need to pay the full amount of the tuition. 1st of all- the school never gave us a specific deadline. 2nd-I cannot rush IRS. They work at their own pace. Now the school will not disburse her funds. Please, any advice will be greatly appreciated.


That's a tough situation, but there isn't anything to really be done. Your daughter could have postponed enrollment to avoid paying until this was resolved. Your accountant should have advised you that it can take months to process and amended return - and the school does have a deadline (and it's usually listed on their financial aid website).