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Income contingent repayment for Parent Plus Loans

Started by Ellyn52, October 23, 2019, 11:29:52 pm

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Not sure if I was scammed by EduDocSupport.  They worked with FedLoan and got my loan down to zero.  Paid them $799 for them to apply but I'm concerned that they interpreted the rules of the William Ford Act too liberally and that now I'm going to be penalized or get into trouble for allowing them to file this.  Anyone else work with them? 


I am about to enter into a situation with
United Aid Group out of Orange County, CA. They are a consulting group that claim to help consolidate and possibly eliminate one of my loans due to fraudulent practices to obtain  student loans. I am a little skeptical as I made one payment ( $265.00) via credit card and after that my credit card was hacked with numerous little charges on it. I can't really say it was them, as  it may have been a coincidence. Is there any other resource out there that may help me find out more information about this company?
Does anyone know anything about this consulting group?
United Aid Group