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Nelnet loan forgiveness with Social Security Disability Will I get refund?

Started by altoonaloona, November 09, 2019, 06:53:34 pm

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I have about $12,000 in student loans that defaulted. Only became aware of the forgiveness program a few years ago. I am age 59, on Social Security Disability (SSD) since 2011. Am under the Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) for 3 year reviews. Never have been seen by review doctor yet, just get those short forms to fill out and a computer reads it, a letter back to me that I will not be reviewed at this time. Am going to fight with Social Security to change my BPQY to 5 to 7 year review as required by the Department of Education. The BPQY will have that Sept, 2011 onset date of disability on it and other information. If this does not work will use medical app statement for doctor to sign. (with current date of course (you cannot back date it). My local Social Security office told me they will not actually review me with a doctor because I am close to age 62, will roll over to retirement benefit. They will not spend the money for a doctor review the rep said.

This is my question, have paid over $7,500 so far on defaulted student loans past 3 years, started in 2017, taken automatically out of my monthly SSD check, 15%. My Social Security award letter states onset date of disability Sept, 2011. I have gotten three different answers from Telnet. They state in the forms it is the date they receive the paperwork or doctor signed the statement, as THEIR date the disability began. I have been told by Telnet date of disability is what THEY determine and recommend after reviewing documents. If approved the collection agency, Debt Management and Collections System then gets to decide what they will use that or not for the disability date. I see for Veteran's for student loan forgiveness is the date of disability while in the service. Very noble and fair for them I agree wholeheartedly.

I am getting impression no refund for SSD persons to very little (processing time refund only) for my student loans what I already paid Telnet. Just will be forgiven my remaining balance which is about $4,400. I am going to try talk to a legal aid attorney. Does anyone know what the facts are with this type of issue or have you experienced it with Department of Education, Telnet and the collection agency they put you too?. What should I do?. I am finding very little info on this on the internet blogs. Frustrated!!!  >:(


No, you won't get a refund. Any remaining balance will be forgiven.


The Dept. of Edu forgives current indebtness only. They do not offer payment refunds.