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Alumni advocate assistance

Started by Kgalensky, February 13, 2020, 01:57:36 pm

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Has anyone heard of this company/organization? They called me to tell me I was eligible for student loan forgiveness after making payments for a year because of the NAVIENT lawsuit filing.



I received a phone call from them today too. I read through the contract and found a pretty broad power of attorney clause that made me nervous. Trying to do some more research and have a lawyer look over the contract. I haven't found any information one way or the other about them online. I'll update about them as I do more research, but so far, what they've told me seems too good to be true, which I pessimistically take as a red flag.


I found this post while researching the company on Google.

I've been with this company for going on 2 months now. Everything has gone smoothly, great customer service, and I've been in regular contact with the Sales Representative that enrolled me in their program.

They signed me up for a Revised Pay As You Earn program and so far things are going smoothly.

Will keep you updated if things change.