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Am I being scammed

Started by mandijo, March 25, 2020, 11:39:07 am

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Is Student Prep Center a scam company? I am eligible for Public service loan forgiveness that I did on my own. However when the papers were completed my payment was to be over $800 a month. So I changed to the graduate repayment plan to get it lowered to $453 per month. This company is saying that I am eligible for the public service loan forgiveness at $114.72 a month. But first the fee for Student Prep Center is $390 a month for 4 months and then I would start paying the $114.72 on the 5th payment thru 120 payments at a fixed rated to my current loan servicer. Please help


We don't judge individual companies, but you should note, there are specific rules for PSLF, and a "graduated" repayment plan is not a qualifying plan. Read this article on PSLF.