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Is Allied Financial a Scam?

Started by averyrs, May 11, 2020, 06:09:29 pm

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My boyfriend just paid them 1200 bucks and it seems super suspicious. Did he get scammed? He was trying to get his loans put of default. I was shocked by how fast they talked and he signed up... he usually does his research. Seems strange and I'm super worried.


If his loan is in default, it would be handled by one of the contracted debt collection agencies. See this list here: Federal Student Loan Debt Collection Companies.

You might also find this guide handy in helping him to figure out what happened: Top Student Loan Scams.


Im pretty much in the same situation. I even gave them a bit more than your boyfriend as they promised that they can discharge a large portion of my loan due to the unethical behavior of my university. I was supposed to record an interview. No one showed up. Then they said it would be a questionnaire for them to unite my loans and process the University. Nothing happened and no one is returning my phone calls or emails. Its almost 4 months now. Seriously thinking of getting a lawyer and seeing them. Tak to your boyfriend please.



even though they have a high rating on google. Most of the comments are about how nice they are. No comments if they really discharged any loans.