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retired with student loans

Started by Cebu, June 22, 2020, 10:45:10 pm

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I am 68 years old, retired.  Living overseas with no car, no car insurance, etc.  Keeping expenses  low. I have $170K in consolidated Parent Plus loans.  I make my regular student loan payments. When I return to the US next year (health issues) I will be 69, my only debt will be the student loans, with $830 monthly ICR based payment.  I do not own a home, car, jewelry, etc.  Nothing of monetary value. Based on my research, my only options appear to be continuing with $830/month payments, or default and let the government take the 15% of social security, $270.  Are there other viable alternatives?


Those are your basic options, unless you want to work with your children to help you as well. See this: Options for Parent PLUS loans.