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Consolidation, Forgiveness, ETC

Started by ecs55, March 14, 2020, 05:48:47 am

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my daughter graduated in december.  i am looking through the repayment options. She is a teacher. From what i read, because all of her loans are in my name, she wouldn't be eligible for any of the loan forgiveness programs. 

First, is that a true statement.  2nd can i consolidate/refi in her name / me as a cosigner so she can become eligible?   

is there an easy place to find this answer?


Sounds like you have Parent PLUS Loans? If so, these are your loans 100%, not her responsibility. If you work in public service, you can get the loans forgiven after 10 more years of work.

She can't consolidate them into her name, but she can refinance them into a private loan in her name.

See this: Options for Parent PLUS Loans.