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Started by Audi4all, January 20, 2021, 05:37:20 pm

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   how do we know who
                to trust?

       Or what is real or a lie? Ive had atleast 20 calls today and yesterday about my loan forgiviness. Most recently put my trust into a woman who announces her self as a supervisor of loan forgiviness prosessing. Be careful even the scammers sound ligit. What caught my attention at first was the fact she wanted my fasfa info and to reaet my password along with same for my emails. Secondly she asked for payment in the sum of $250.00 for six weeks. Ive been ignoring her and have looked up the name she gave abby bravo. Fact is only person by that name out of florida was only 24yrs old. Im 42 and i might been born at night but it wasnt last night. Well ive tried not to answer unknown calls along with hers. I dont know who to trust with this aaa fed lawsuit and loan forgiviness. I do know i trust myself cause she sure wasnt getting my credit card number like she ask. Has anyone else recieved a call from this 24 yr old kid? My son is her age i mean omg what in the world??