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Student Loan Supports (SLS)

Started by A.Trujillo, March 12, 2021, 04:53:59 pm

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Has anyone done business with Student Loan Suppots (SLS)? SLS claims to be a Federal Student Loan Relief Program by consolidating your federal student loan and processing repayment documents. We received a call from a representative who made a convincing sales pitch about loan debt reduction and/or loan forgiveness. However, they asked for fee payment up front ($1672 total) in order for them to enter into negotiations with our student loan servicer. We signed up with SLS in September 2020 and now six months later we get another call offering us another option for further loan reduction under a so called COVID standard option but that also requires a further fee of $1300. After recently discovering your article on student loan scams, I'm wondering if we have been scammed.  :-\