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Where do I go to get a student loan?

Started by FVSUbound, July 15, 2021, 12:43:50 pm

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Hello Everyone,
I am college bound, but in need of a loan.  I have received only $5000 in sub/unsub loans through my financial aid award, hence I am in need of $16,000 in loans, per semester.  I went through Credible, and they are wanting a Co-Signer, and I do not have a parent willing to take the risk of this.  Who will give me a loan?  I am working my first job ever at a supermarket, and did realize it would be so hard to get a student loan.  Who will give me a loan without a co-signer?  I am starting to get depressed.  Please help.  :'(


There are a few companies that offer student loans without a cosigner, but you're trying to close a big gap - and the total spend has me worried.

You're going to borrow $21,000 per year (so $84,000 total) to go to college? That's not going to be good for you after you graduate. There's not many jobs that will provide an entry-level salary that will allow you to pay back these loans.

The rule of thumb for borrowing student loans is to never borrow more than you expect to make in your first year after graduation.

So, what can you do? You need to re-assess your path and funding options. Maybe you defer a year, go to community college and knock out a bunch of basic courses for cheap, and also save money/apply for scholarships. Then go back for years 2-4. That will reduce your expenses a ton and get you ahead.

Here's a list of lenders that don't need a cosigner, but the loans are even more expensive and the amounts they lend are low. Student Loans Without A Cosigner.