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REPAYE when marrying a British Citizen and living abroad

Started by 89Alex, September 04, 2021, 10:04:12 am

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Hi there, I (29F) am living in the UK and I plan on marrying a British citizen and then enrolling in a PHD. I understand that every year I will have to pay 10% of my income and that if I were in the US and my spouse and I filed our taxes jointly, then his income would be considered too because the loan would have been taken out after we married, therefore 10% of our combined income would have to be paid back each year. However, given that we are living in London and getting married under British law, would this still be the case? Would we still need to consider his income, or would I just be charged 10% of my own income under the REPAYE federal student loan scheme.

This answer is pretty decisive for us. It will determine if we get married or not and if we do get married if we will wait for me to start my PHD in 5 years time when I become a british citizen and will pay lower fees.

Thank you!!


See this guide (specifically the income-repayment plan loophole) for filing taxes with foreign income. Student loans for expats.