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Missing loan data in FSA

Started by Piggy68, January 26, 2022, 08:48:37 am

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My loan history data is missing 5 years.  The lender that I had from 2008-2013 failed to report my history. When they transferred my loan in 2014 to Navient, they reported that they received no information from the lender. So my loan history begins in 2014 instead of 2008.  My old lender from 2008 no longer exists.

This missing data is keeping me from qualifying immediately for PSLF/TEPSLF.  Here are the things that I have tried so far;
contacted my current servicer fed loan servicing - (they said to contact FSA)
contacted my last servicer Navient - (they said there is nothing THEY can do and to contact FSA)
contacted and filed a complaint (Feedback) with FSA (including providing proof of student loan payments) - (it's been 60 days and I still have no progress) every time I call to follow up, they give me the brush off saying someone will contact me in a few days with a progress update...no one ever calls.

I understand that priority is given to people who already qualify for PSLF/TEPSLF.  I AM one of those people if this missing information is applied.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me?


Yes, you're on the right track with filing the FSA complaint. But it does take time - upwards of 180 days sometimes. Depending on your state, you should also file a complaint with your state's ombudsman. See this guide and make sure you followed the steps: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/38095/student-loan-ombudsman/