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Parent plus loan

Started by Lovelywife35, June 05, 2022, 05:30:19 pm

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I took out a parent plus loan for my daughter's tuition because her dad didn't want to help her. When my daughter
received a refund she asked her dad to hold it for her so she wouldn't spend it after I told her not to do that because I have to pay the loan back. Now he's refusing to give it back. What can I do to make him give back the money. The amount is $2,000. Any help will be appreciated.


I mean, this isn't a student loan issue, but more of a theft issue. You need to let him know that this was student loan money and excess payments need to be returned and paid back. If he refuses, you might need to take him (or even your daughter sadly) to small claims court to get paid. It's messy - so hopefully you can resolve it nicely.