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Anybody heard of Refined Documents?

Started by trublondmom, July 08, 2022, 05:26:13 am

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So, I got a call yesterday saying they wanted to see if I qualified for student loan forgiveness. I have gotten similar calls before but I was never able to talk to them at the time but I had time yesterday so decided to try and see what they had to say. First, they gathered information about me and my loan amount, then I was transferred to someone else. I ended up being transferred 3 or 4 times before reaching a woman named "Leah" who sounded very professional and not at all like a scam. She explained how much interest I would be paying at the loan stands right now and because I am unemployed at the time, told me I was eligible for a 0 dollar repayment plan after I make 4 monthly installments of 259.00 then the following payments would be zero.
I'm not sure how I so easily agreed to sign all these docusigns they sent me without being concerned. I guess it was the professionalism in which they put forth, plus I asked numerous times if they were a contractor for DEPT of Education and was told there were numerous companies that worked with DOE and they were one of them. SO, I gave them a credit card and they charged my account 259.00 yesterday! The next installment is one month away.
What started giving me red flags was after I hung up. I was told my application would take 60-90 days to process so basically 3 paymens later, I would get actual documents. I was also given a breakdown of my monthly payment once I found a job with a random salary amount, so again it sounded legit. I asked if this program was related to the Biden administration's plan and was told "no", that this program was one founded under the Obama Administration and that anything that Biden was talking about concerning dismissal of student loans, was just talk at this point! I mean, she had all the answers.
I ended up looking up the company and there were no reviews. I only discovered they are not aligned with the BBB. This company operates out of California. I read online if you think you've been scammed, the first thing is to secure your FASFA user name and ID. They had changed my password so I was successfully able to change that again. I also contacted my credit card company and was told I could file a dispute report once the charge actually hit my account which will take a few days. I emailed the person I spoke to and put in writing, I was requesting to me removed from their program. I doubt I will receive anything back from them but would like to know if there is anything else I should be doing? Has anyone else here, dealt with this company?

Thanks so much!