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Forgiveness Discharge after 25 years IDR

Started by Drstevenk, August 29, 2022, 12:15:57 pm

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I have loans from Undergrad and graduate school beginning in 1975 and finishing in 1987. I have been paying off and on (never in default) with periods of deferment (economic hardship) and  STILL owe much more than I borrowed. I am certain I have made many more than the required number of payments for forgiveness and now with the new guidelines from Biden's Dept of Education I am hoping for a full discharge of the debt.

My question is this > Is the 25 years counted from time of first repayment. I have been in repayment or. deferral  since 1988 so 34 years!!

Hoping for fairness after all these years!

Any thoughts?


It's counting the time in repayment. Time in deferment/forbearance may count as well.

It sounds like your loans will be a part of the IDR waiver, which should take effect at the end of the year. This will check your payment counts and should provide relief if you qualify. See this: IDR Waiver.