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GradsFirst scam or legitimate?

Started by dmr408, September 16, 2015, 11:55:01 am

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Has anyone been contacted by GradsFirst, based in LA?
The number on my caller ID was 310-954-9786 and they were very helpful and friendly. TOO helpful and friendly not to be a private company who is going to make money off of screwing me over, my cynical mind thinks.
They wanted to create an account for me at www.nslds.ed.gov, or get my login information if I already have an account, which of course I do since I filled out a FAFSA for my federal loans.
Anyway, I didn't give them any information but my email so they could send me more information.
Anybody have any experience with these guys?


Please don't give them your email or do anything with them. What are you looking to do?

Anything this company is offering you, you can do for free by logging into StudentLoans.gov. So what were they offering and what are you looking for?


Hi I just joined up this morning and had a same concern. First I have not received a call nor heard of them either. I noticed your last post was dated 9/16/2015. Do you have a status from them yet?

Have you heard of Private Student Loan Aid Center? I'm trying to find legitimacy with this organization.

If you hear and I will do the same of any organization that can help me with my private student loan please let me know. Darlene


I replied to your other post Darlene - see that comment.