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Student Advocates

Started by sebastianchoi28, October 27, 2015, 11:49:36 am

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I gave them all my information 11 days ago thinking it was legit.
How can I back out?


Did they do anything for you? Have they contacted you since?

If not, I'd be concerned about identity theft or a scam.

If you have been in contact with them, simply ask them to cancel and call your lender to validate.


Thanks for the response, here are the updates:

I was able to get in contact with them, I told them that based on the public service loan forgiveness(PSLF) employment certification form, my manager said I do not qualify for this plan. So instead of 120 payments (10 years), I would have to do a 240 payment plan (20 years), which is not what I signed up for; that's when I asked what the cancellation process is. They said there's a "fee" for cancelling since I signed a contract and an application was submitted. The lady, heather, said she was going to transfer me to someone else who would be able to disclose the cancellation process, but that person was busy, so she will give me a call on Monday.

Based on this information, what are my options?


That's pretty shady, especially since they won't cancel right away, and they couldn't even do what they promised.

Did you pay by credit card? Maybe dispute it on your card?