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Aiding Student Relief

Started by exdox77, October 29, 2015, 04:47:25 am

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I found this company online, I think through Facebook ad or something, Aiding Student Relief. I filled the online form out, a few simple questions, name, phone number, and email. A guy called me a few hours later and wanted to know more information. He was able to look up all my loans and then gave me an offer. But what threw a red flag was that he mentioned upfront costs, 1% down, $99 processing, then $19 a month. So this was super suspicious and I started to conduct more research about this. I figured this was a big fat scam, just wanted to either let others know or if others had dealt with them before.

He created an account with FSA https://fsaid.ed.gov, which I am not sure what this is. There website is http://www.aidingstudents.com/ if anyone is curious.


Thanks for sharing. You don't need to pay anything to change your repayment plan or consolidate your loans - so always be on the lookout.


After reading the articles on this site I am definitely more knowledgeable about it. The guy kept calling and making excuses and kept saying that they have a guarantee that everything would be fine if something went wrong. When I told him about the fees he got really defensive about it and that I shouldn't let a few bad eggs spoil it. But, I can't find anything positive about this company and if they even helped anyone.

Has anyone heard of this company?


Never heard of it but these companies spring up with new names about 6x per year. What are you looking to do?