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I'm so confused

Started by swep04, December 04, 2015, 08:47:21 pm

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 I get recently graduated from school and not working at the time but I have my husband income to fall back on. I got a phone call from this company called National Student Loan Help. The pitch they told me sound great $10,000 off my debt 4 to 6 months the debt is cleared from my credit report my loan fees from 240 monthly payments to 141 monthly payments of something like 236. But the issue my husband and I have is that they want $799 in 3 payments of $ 266 and then I start paying in three months on the loan. My question is really do I need to pay this  or just hit the website you mentioned? I've only signed a few pieces of paper to just read but there are still a lot more signatures needed. They do have my card info but nothing has gone through I'm suppose to talk to her in the morning please advice?


Please don't do it. There is nothing this company can help you with that you can't do yourself. They are simply changing your repayment plan to IBR, and there is no guarantee it will work. You can do it yourself by calling your lender or going to studentloans.gov.


I'm wondering if this is the same company that I spent over an hour on the phone with just today.  They are National Student Aid Care.  I was told something similar.   I would need to pay 1st month $350, 2nd month $350, and then my 3rd month would be $0.00 for 300 months.   This just sounds too good to be true.   I did some checking, and I could not find them in the BBB. When their representative called me back to see if I could come up with the first installment today, I told him I could not find his company listed with BBB, he said they are listed with BBB as A+.  Then, I asked him if the $350 was going to pay my student loan off or to his company, he said, "oh it's our fee for processing."   Then, I told him I checked with my Financial Aid dept at my University and they said that was ridiculous, and the paper work is free.  Yes, maybe it is free, but I have no financial skills and don't know where to go and what to fill out.  I ended up telling NSA thank you but no thank you, I would try this on my own.  He really gave me a song and dance about filling out the right forms and not getting approved etc..  I too gave them every bit of my personal information.  I just pray and hope that they don't try to steal my identity or rob me of my checking account.    Good luck to you.

Deepali Mohite

Before taking any decision request you to approach your lender and check with them if they can give you a revised repayment plan. Also, check the reviews of the company who had given you an offer with a flexible payment.