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Federal Loan Servicing

Started by mstriplet3, January 05, 2016, 09:53:31 am

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Having a major issue with FED Loan Servicing. My loans have been in existence for a long time and are in good standing. Back in May of 2015 in filed a forbearance due to a pending surgery and I knew I would not be able to attend graduate school until I had healed. In December 2015 I got a letter from a 3rd party company stating I needed assistance to check my account. To my amazement nothing had been done. Chirs, the company representative, assisted me with refilling out the papers and the forebearance was set. I pulled my credit report and there was a neg mark on my account from Federal Loan Servicing. Wow!!! EVen though they went back and straightened it out it is still on my credit report. What do I do now. I am still working on towards my doctorates, but may not be able to get a decent job if my credit score it checked, I don't have to begin repaying loans for a while. However, I can not buy a car or house now because of the score. Help!!!!!


You should dispute the report with the credit bureaus that are showing this still. If FedLoan corrected it (which they may not have), the credit reporting bureaus need to remove it.