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wrong loan type for forgiveness

Started by nooshoos1, January 06, 2016, 07:33:24 am

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I have been working for the federal government for the past 6 years and pay my loans on the extended plan. I was just told the past 6years that I have paid do not qualify for the 10 year loan forgiveness plan because I am not using IBR. My payments are approx. 700 dollars a month and I still owe over 100,000 dollars. Does anyone have any info on getting credit for what I have already paid?


You need to be on the Standard Repayment Plan, IBR, or ICR to qualify for forgiveness under PSLF. There's no way to get credit for the past because PSLF (even though you can get retroactive forgiveness) does require qualifying payments. Qualifying payments are those made under one of the repayment plans listed, along with other requirements.

We have a mini training on PSLF you can look at here: https://gum.co/pslftrainingprogram