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Is K & J Law Group student loan elimination a scam?

Started by northwoods, January 10, 2016, 01:56:10 am

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I have been told that K & J law group can work with me to eliminate private loan debt from navient and sallimae.  They state that
navient and sallimae use illegal, unfair and deceptive practices to drive up interest rates and to collect debt.  Is this a scam or are they legitimately helping people fight against unfair student loan practices? 


Be very careful in working with any law firm. Make sure that you ask them exactly what steps they are going to take in fighting this.

A lot of people get burned dealing with law firms trying to get their student loan debt dismissed.

Make sure they don't ever:
1. Ask you to stop making payments
2. Ask you to make payments to them

Both of these are big red flags that they are NOT trying to help you.

Most people don't ever need a student loan lawyer unless you're struggling to get out of default, or you are being sued by your private lender.

If neither of these apply, all good lawyer will:
1. Validate that the debts are legitimate (which you likely know to be the case)
2. Validate that they haven't violated any debt collection laws (which you could sue them for violating)

If you're making payments and have no issues, then a lawyer isn't a good option.


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I have found that I am 100% without a doubt being scammed by K&J Law Group (website is shut down now but    , which is now actually Johanson Law Group. New Site johansonlaw group. com Knepper has left the law group. I have been doing a lot of investigating the past few months because I truly can't afford to be scammed and default in my loans. I have (now *had) really good credit and never miss payments for my bills. The company I initially signed up with for my private loan consolidation (Student Processing Center) closed down on the business day after I consolidated my student loans. They didn't answer my emails requesting updates and information on my consolidation. I had to track down the guy who I worked with at their company on Facebook, and in a chat that I have photos of he told me that they closed down on 10/1. I consolidation on 9/30. It was literally the next day. After the loans were consolidated Student Processing Center, that's when K&J Law Group came in. I am 100% sure I am being scammed but am still in the process of figuring out exactly how to prove it. I just discovered that the address to the K&J Law Group is the same address of Consumer Financial Resources LLC, of Texas, which operated as Student Loan Resolve. The interesting thing about Student Loan Resolve is that on May 4th, 2015 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Magidan filed a lawsuit against them for 'deceptive business practices. I started reading their BBB (Student Loan Resolve) page a few days ago, and have been following up with any press releases I can dig up. Today, the website for Student Loan Resolve finally went down.

I am concerned. I have first of all never received a call from my lawyer directly, not once in several months, but I have verified she does hold a CA bar association license. There are several businesses all within this scam- that's the tricky thing I've been dealing with. I started my consolidation with Student Processing Center, who have now closed. The next day I was contacted by my Account Manager from CMS (Consumer Marketing Services) who was going to help me through the process of getting paperwork to him, account numbers, specific info about my promissory notes on my loans, etc. He indicated I would be talking to him quite a bit, and oh have I. The payments I make are to a 3rd party processing company, named Secure Account Services, but my payments are drafted TO the company name of GST Factoring. I believe this is a large ponzi scheme in which I have fallen culprit, but I'm not lazy enough to not see what is going on. I have been dealing with this since 10/1 when I started leaving message upon message, emailing several times in one week with no response, etc. I am a single young college graduate, who is trying to do what is right (paying my student loans off) and this is what my experience with Johanson Law Group has been like. Not only is this an awful situation, but this is actually the third time I have gone through consolidation. I have been making all my payments on time, but I was hoping to get my payments lowered. Was I really just gambling with my entire financial situation? That's a rhetorical question.

My question to you is relatively embarassing, but what do I do? What can I do? I have not missed any payments when I was paying Navient directly, but now I'm several thousand dollars late in payments. I am paying a third party company- which you indicated was a red flag, and I was also asked to STOP paying my Navient loans directly because my lawyer is suing them on my behalf. Well- today these super late Navient payments hit my credit, and I am fed UP. I cannot honestly handle this anymore.

Please offer any advice whatsoever you may think of. Anything at all is appreciated.

Brooke Burgan


Stop making payments to this law firm - especially if you can't contact them easily. They clearly don't have your best interest in mind. You might reach out to a real consumer protection lawyer to help if you need to.

Next, get back on track with Navient. You can't undo the damage done, but you can get back on track.

It's just a bad situation, and I'm sorry it happened to you.


I am currently working with KNEPPER & JOHANSON LAW GROUP. I have been a client of them for about 5 months. but nothing seems to be happening with my case. i pay them a fee each month and have stopped making payments to Navient.

i am now receiving multiple calls daily from the student loan, along with my parents getting calls because they co-signed on the loan.

the law firm always responds to my emails and calls right away. and i just checked out their website and it is running and has information on it.
but, i guess i am wondering if i am being scammed.

Do you know for a fact this this is a scam or do you have any way to research it? i am really concerned and become scared at this point. please any information would be helpful. thank you.


I'd be very concerned - you should never be asked to stop making payments. That's a big red flag.



can you suggest who i should contact to find this out? any resources you can give me? i am really at a loss and completely sick right now thinking if it is a scam.
my credit is bad and Navient calls me about 4 times a day now to talk about my loan payments.

please let me know where i can find more information. if you are saying it is a scam, how can you back that up too? thank you.


Get back in touch with Navient - everything should be done through them. Get back on your payments.

Stop paying this law firm, especially if they won't contact you or return your calls to discuss.


Hi everyone,

I believe I have fallen a victim as well.  I feel so ugly inside that I can't shake it off.  My huge question on this forum for the rest of the victims or anyone else who can help on this matter, has anyone accomplished or resolved this issue? Please help!!!!

Extremely stressed,


I stopped paying them. i blocked them from taking money out of my bank account and got back on track with Naviet.
i also reported them to the California & texas General attorney and filed a complaint.

they have not contacted me. i blocked their number from my phone too. they are a scam and they know it!!!! disgusting what people will do for money.



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Quote from: greenbeanie on March 11, 2016, 04:54:51 pm
I stopped paying them. i blocked them from taking money out of my bank account and got back on track with Naviet.
i also reported them to the California & texas General attorney and filed a complaint.

they have not contacted me. i blocked their number from my phone too. they are a scam and they know it!!!! disgusting what people will do for money.

Agreed. People like the ones that work at K & J Law Group are the ones that are giving America such a bad reputation. It's terrible.

I, too, have fallen for this law group scam for about five months and it was only recently that I realized that they weren't actually trying to help me, despite one of my parents warning me that I shouldn't be "working" with a law firm, but I stuck with them anyway because for the first few months, they seemed very legitimate with their communication emails sent to me and the cease & desist documents that they supposedly sent out to the student loan providers (heavy emphasis on the word "seemed".) and because I was paying less in monthly fees with this K & J group than with my student loans, not realizing how damaging the long term effects of missing loan payments would be.

Once I got a call from one of my parents who co-signed on my student loans saying that she's having financial issues due to MY credit rating, that's what tipped me off that I needed to stop all payments and communications K & J Law Group ASAP. Now I'm back to paying off Navient, but still need to work things out with Wells Fargo. But what I'm most upset about is how badly my credit score is in the toilet now, because my parents are in the middle of a divorce war while trying to find new places to live, and now my mother who co-signed my students loans cannot work with her bank because my credit rating is affecting her. I might have to give the credit unions a call soon and see what I can do about it. I also wonder who I can call to file a complaint about this group and see if I can get some compensation for all this time and money that I wasted, but I doubt anything can be done for me at this point.

I feel like such a dummy for giving into all this, and only thing I can take from all of this is "Live and learn".

At least now I don't have to fill out K & J Law Group's dumb "Weekly Communication Logs" anymore...


Quote from: brookiefaye on January 19, 2016, 08:14:07 pmHello!

I have found Semenax to be useful and I am 100% without a doubt being scammed by K&J Law Group (website is shut down now but    , which is now actually Johanson Law Group.

Hi Brooke, thanks so much for posting as I've recently been contacted by the Johanson Law group and I wondered if they were legit. I think I'll stay well clear of them.


August 29, 2016, 11:08:53 am #13 Last Edit: August 29, 2016, 11:20:05 am by doughboy
I think it is safe to say that all of these law firms, EVERY SINGLE ONE, are scams.  ALL OF THEM ARE SCAMS!!!  They know that many people are desperate to get rid of their loans and they will prey on your desperation.  There's an entire industry created because of this.  It usually starts with some bullcrap entity like go2finance that's associated with some law firm and they will have fast talking A holes who will make all kinds of promises where Navient or Sallie Mae has poor records that you don't know about and they will be able to reduce the amount.  Then when you sign up, you basically have to stop making payments and get them to call you multiple times in order to rack up fees from violation of some federal law that they can't even quote.  Before you sign up, ask them specifically how they will discharge the loan and whether you have to stop making payments or if your loans will go into default.  If any of this is true then it is a scam. 


I made a terrible decision and ended up in a contract with a law group, which I am now convinced I need to get out of.  I am curious though about how things went with those who have posted and cut off payments with the law groups which they were dealing with.  Was there any backlash from the Law group?  What was your experience?  Did you consult a real attorney for help?  and finally were you able to get back on track?

Today I took the first step, and submitted back payment to my lender (which I was advised to stop paying... stupid me).  The next step is cutting off payment to the law group, and honestly I'm kind of anxious about the whole thing.