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Consolidating Aspire and Navient

Started by foxdan54, October 29, 2015, 04:40:43 am

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Hi, I'm wondering how to consolidate my Aspire and Navient loans.  I thought I called Navient to reset my password and ended up talking to American SLC.  They told me about the PSLF (I'm a principal) and wanted $600 to get it set up.  I figured out that they weren't Navient before this happened.  BUT, they did tell me that I qualified for a reduction in my monthly payment by almost $400.  I'm set up on IB payments already, but wondering if it would be reduced further if I consolidated all loans under one holder instead of 2?



Possibly if one of your loans is on IBR and one isn't. You can consolidate for free at StudentLoans.gov. Reset your password there - never call an agency.