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FFEL CONSOLIDATION vs. Spousal consolidation

Started by gomissor, February 21, 2016, 08:52:51 am

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I originally did a spousal consolidation in 2002 with Sallie Mae. I have been to the NSLDS to view all of my student loans and my spousal consolidation is listed as FFEL consolidation. I have been denied for a direct consolidation (which I need to apply for PSLF) because my servicer Naviant states my loans are a spousal consolidation. I have asked Naviant to provide me with the amount of my husbands loans that were consolidated back in 2002. The agent claims they don't have that information and will have to file a report to find the documents. I know it couldn't have been much because we looked on the NSLDS for my husband and his loans are listed there.

Interestly, my husband also had a FFEL consolidation listed and he had no issues getting a direct consolidation so he can apply for the PSLF.

My goal is to get the direct consolidation for the PSLF. Anyone have any experience with this type of situation?


Don't think there is a good solution for you. Joint spouse consolidation loans are terrible. Here's an article explaining it: http://thestudentloanlawyer.com/247/beware-the-nightmare-loan-federal-joint-consolidatoin-loans/