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Integra Student Services?

Started by mrssander14, March 18, 2016, 07:36:45 pm

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March 18, 2016, 07:36:45 pm Last Edit: March 18, 2016, 07:57:40 pm by mrssander14
I was called by Integra Student Services today about lowering my student loan payments and/or PSLF (public student loan forgiveness program).  They did not contact me out of the blue as I had filled something out online several months ago requesting information about lowering my student loan payments.  However, I didn't go directly to their website.

I've been dodging their calls for months, but I decided to hear them out today just to see what they had to say.  The rep said that through them, I qualify for the 10-year repayment program because I'm in public service, and after the 10 years, I'll have the rest of my debt forgiven.  He quoted me lower payment amounts than I'm paying right now, saying that I qualify for the income-based repayment program though the studentloans.gov website, which I know is a legit repayment plan. 

Red flags:
1.  They charge a one-time fee of $1,314.
2.  They aren't listed on the BBB website.
3.  If they are just a document-preparer website and not a scam, how can they quote me lower monthly payments and promise loan forgiveness after 10 years?  They say I would be on the income-based repayment program for 120 months, then the rest of my debt would be forgiven, which is exactly what studentloans.gov says.  However, my monthly payment differs between the 2.  Red flag.

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I think this is a document-processing company who just wants to process my info for me when I can do it for free, but is this a scam?  I did give him my FSA ID and social only because I didn't sense any b.s., but now I feel like an idiot.  The website looks legit...http://integrastudentservices.com/index.html

Should I proceed?  Help!!!


No, of course you shouldn't proceed. If you do qualify for IBR, just call your lender.

If you want to apply for PSLF, just certify your employment each year via StudentLoans.gov.

If you're not sure on either, you can take our coaching program that walks you though both, and it's just $97. But realize, everything is free with your Federal loans. Take that $1,314 and put it towards your debt.


How concerned should I be that I gave him my FSA ID & social along with my husband's social?


I'd be mildly concerned. Just monitor your credit and be vigilant.


I was scammed by this Integra Student Services company. I hope the initial poster of this concern did not decide to consolidate with this paper pusher.

That one time fee is no joke.  It is with a 3rd party and you have to pay it no matter if you consolidate or not.  No matter if you go back to school, or go into forbearance you have to pay that back.  By pay it back, I mean they offered me a payment plan for that $1,314. I have to pay it back for absolutely nothing in return.

I began going through the consolidation process Integra handed me off to, and was guaranteed I would have the same interest rate I was currently paying.  It is a weighted average of all loans being consolidated.  I had 2 loans, both at the same rate.  Integra showed me an inaccurate interest rate right off the bat.  I questioned it and they blew it off.  It'll change when it is processed, they said.  It was not changed when my paperwork came. 

I was not going to reconsolidate my perfectly good loan at a 4.75% when I was already getting 4.25%.  The only thing I could do at that point was cancel the consolidation... and now I'm stuck with a $1300 loan for nothing, and basically a higher monthly payment in the end, because of this.

Do note they add all the legal jargon to cover their butts.  There is no way out of their fee if you sign anything.

Mr. Z

Integra Student Services helped me with the consolidation of my loans as well getting me into an income based program in which my monthly payments were lowered from $325 to $103!!  Yes they charge a fee for their services ,$1314, but that is broken up into $39/mo. plus my student loan payment of $64, for the total of the $103.  I had 12 different loans which were consolidated into one single loan at a weighted average interest rate of all loans.  I am enrolled into the Revised Pay As You Earn program in which the government covers the interest for the first 3 years, as well as half the interest that accrues thereafter.  My $103 monthly payment is not based upon an interest rate because the income driven programs base your payment off of income and household size.  I was extremely satisfied with the way Integra handled my situation and provided excellent customer service.  All of my documents were submitted to the Department of Education and I received notice from Fedloan servicing once my consolidation was complete.  This is a very reputable company in which I will gladly refer them to family and friends looking to get help with their student loans!!!


You realized that you paid this company $1,314 to put your name and SSN on a simple form?

Here is the form you could have filled out for free: https://www.gsmr.org/pdfs/Income-Driven-Repayment-Plan-Request-form-Direct-Loans.pdf


Here is my story...I went to school to become a nurse.  After I graduated I owed around $135,000.00 in student debt.  They were asking me to pay $1700.00 a month on my loans.  I was not able to pay that amount and thought I had no other option and was going to have wages garnished and taxes taken from me.  I was in forbearance and my loans just kept growing because I had 9 loans and they were compounding interest on me to the point I thought I would never pay back this loan.  I tried to navigate my way through the Federal Forgiveness Program on my own.  After 1 year I gave up.  I am a full time employee and mother of 3, and the time it takes to do all the paperwork and submit all the forms was overwhelming.  I heard from a friend of mine about a company, Integra Student Services, who does all the paperwork for me and charges a small fee to do so.  I thought..."what can I lose?"  I called and spoke with a representative about my situation.  She was extremely helpful and explained the program to me in depth.  The fee they charge was less than what I was accruing in interest each year and they do all the work.  They got me into a payment plan for $125.00 a month! Not only did they help me, they gave me hope.  I am able to focus on my job and family and not worry about where I am going to come up with the money to pay my loans back, but how to feed my family and pay rent.  This program has been an answer to my prayers.  Integra Student Services has given me my life back and I do not regret signing up with them.  They have been very helpful and very attentive to me and my situation.  If this story is comparable to your situation, I highly recommend calling them and letting them help you get your life back.  I can never thank them enough!!


What was the fee they charged you?


They charge a fee of $1314.00 for 4 years of paperwork and re certification. It's broken down into monthly payments of $39.42 and that was built into my monthly payment.  It is well worth the money to not have to worry about all the paperwork and deadlines.  It really was an answer to my prayers!


I saw this thread and created an account just to post and maybe offer my 2 cents on the subject.

I was called by a telemarketing company a while back and had assumed the same thing, but decided to give it a try regardless just to see what they would quote me at. It felt almost too good to be true when I first heard that I'd qualified at a $0 student payment...

The associate was very understanding of my hesitation with the quote and the information he was asking for and maintained total transparency with his information and the program. I had pummeled him with questions but not once did he get assertive or aggressive in anyway, and was in fact thankful that I was asking so many questions. There had been other companies that asked for an up-front payment of $750 and my loans would disappear the next day. Integra was very upfront and honest with me in saying that there's still a commitment involved with the forgiveness program and it takes time for this stuff to take shape.

They push out your first payment for 2 months if you qualify for financing and it allows you to make sure they hold to their word when it comes to the program. I didn't have to pay a single cent to them before my loans had been enrolled in a forbearance to hold off payments and my loans were being consolidated.

3 months later and I'm enrolled in a program, always available to call my agents if I have questions, and am 150% satisfied with the service being provided. On a $56,575 consolidated loan, I'm projected at over $80,000 in forgiveness with all the interest that's accruing too. Hell, paying the enrollment and paperwork fee beats having to pay over $70,000 to my servicer and dealing with collections and bad credit for the rest of my life.

I can understand the hesitation and cautiousness when it comes to enrolling with companies like this, but they get 5-stars for treating me like a king and maintaining total transparency and trust with my information.


Thanks Debtfree4life and tesseract45 for confirming my suspicions - remember all activity on this website is tracked and we can see what you're doing. For anyone reading this, they are the same person.

This thread has been locked because of false reviews.

Please ensure you do your due diligence of any company before you work with them. Also remember it's highly unlikely for a customer to search the Internet, find a random message board about a company just to leave a very positive review.