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Student services / processing services: student loan relief or scam?

Started by Cyounes, August 12, 2015, 10:25:29 am

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Has anyone else dealt with this company before? I feel according to the consumer finance protection agency checklist, that they may be a scam company. Wanted to get others opinions and experiences. Thank you!


I'm worried about them too. I've given them all of my personal information and banking information. I need to know what to do.


I've never heard of them, but that doesn't mean anything. What really matters is what are you looking to do, and what are they charging you for? Share and we can help!

**If you want to cancel, you need to call them and cancel, and ALSO call your lender and revoke any power of attorney they may have filed.


Hi I think we are talking about the same company... student processing services??? I talked with them today. I received an offer based on income which is a monthly payment of 40 for 20 years with a good faith transitional payment of 233 three times after 20 years the rest of the debt is forgiven again this is based off of my current financial situation in which I have a very serious economic hardship. I do not want to proceed further if this is a scam.... my loans are in the 6 figure range.... this is personal info but idk how else to ask the question on this companys legitimacy


The fact that you have two amounts should be a red flag - the difference for that higher amount is going straight into their pocket.

They are signing you up for IBR, which is free and you can do it yourself on StudentLoans.gov.