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Daughter can't perform work she went to college for

Started by DianeDennis, May 03, 2016, 12:09:49 pm

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My daughter, now 24, went to a large college but was home in less than a week. Her barriers from her Autism were starting to kick in and she couldn't be away from home, she was emotionally incapable of it. She finished in the top 10% of students in our state, she's extremely high functioning, so her own 'barriers' didn't kick in until she was in the 'real world'.

So she did some thinking before she left college within a week or so after we moved her in (that was fun, move her in to the 4th floor and less than a week later move her back out) and decided she'd do cosmetology (she rocks with hair and makeup) so that she could live at home while attending school. So she got a school loan or two, not sure, attended and graduated cosmetology school (which was also very difficult because she had to ask a lot of questions and the instructor was a jerk and would get angry at her for asking questions - she almost quit a couple times but stuck it out).

For anyone wondering, I absolutely encouraged her when she said she'd been thinking about leaving the college and doing cosmetology instead and it was because I saw her falling apart within just a couple days of having moved in to the dorm. (plus she's massively artistically talented). People say it takes weeks, months, for the kids to get used to being away from home and living in dorms but in a case like this there isn't any getting used to it - there's no getting past it.

She went to work for a few different salons. Every salon loved her and didn't want her to leave but the 'drama' and the attitudes of some of the customers ended up being too much for her so she'd try another salon. She also was recruited a couple times but there again the 'meanness' of the co-workers and the attitudes of some of the customers was too much to handle.

It threw her into a massive depression and she ended up having to quit the cosmetology altogether.

She's now working another job, absolutely nothing to do with cosmetology whatsoever, and she's on food stamps and free health care due to her low income.

Is there a way her loans can be forgiven since she's unable, due to her 'disabiity' of Autism, to work in the industry (cosmetology) that she obtained the loans for?

Thank you!!


The best forgiveness option for her would be to sign up for an income-based repayment plan like IBR or PAYE. With these plans, not only will her monthly payment be affordable, but after 20 years she'll get forgiveness.