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Working for universities--negotiating loan repayment as part of job offer?

Started by ebbphx, May 13, 2016, 11:18:44 am

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I have heard that some universities offer to pay student loans for new tenure-track faculty hires as part of the new hire start-up "package."  I am applying for a non-tenure track faculty job, where there is no start-up package, and the salary is non-negotiable.  However, my loans are from the university that I am now applying to.  Does the university actually "pay" dollar-for-dollar when they forgive their own student loans? 


When a company/university offers to help with student loans, it's typically not forgiveness, but a repayment program. How much they pay off is all what you negotiate or get offered.

As for the loans, are they Perkins loans? Because those are typically the only loans a university makes themselves.