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How do I get rid of National Student Loan Servicing and just pay Nelnet myself

Started by thain66, May 17, 2016, 07:57:06 pm

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I mistakenly got signed up last Fall, busy with starting a new job after grad school, after another student told me about this super helpful guy from the federal loan servicing that helped her.

I went though the process and they consolidated everything, signed paperwork, and so forth being ignorant of the fact that I was paying them for this service.

What I really need someone to help me understand is how to go back and just start paying Nelnet myself!

I don't want them as the middle man and I don't want to deal with them again.

It's late hear on the East Coast and I need some advice as soon as possible!!!


Just call them and cancel. Then call NelNet, let them know what happened, and they'll walk you through the rest.