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Kevin Mason Law Firm

Started by Kcoop156, June 13, 2016, 02:10:51 pm

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bgrasso...thanks for the info. Your case is identical to mine except that i have not gotten to the settlement part, and jonnestly i dont think i want to continue. Joe DeVito was handling my case at some point as well. I am 18 months into this process and all they are telling me is that they sent letters  to Sallie mae and wells fargo requestig all of my loans documents. That is what they have been telling me since day1. I want to cancel the contract, but from what i understand if i do cancel, i will still be responsible to pay them the 50% of my loans stated in the contract. Has anyone tried to cancel the contract and what was the outcome?

I also want to file a complaint with the attorney general.
bgrasso, please keep us updated on the outcome once you talk to joe DeVito again to see if he is able to send you a legit copy of the settlement directly from salie mae. Thanks again


 I only registered to give my input on this law firm. I looked up the company after they reached out to help me and I found this site with nothing but negative post. I usually make my own decision after I see people who are upset write foolishness and that's what I did. I decided to go with the company. Of course after a few months I began to wonder myself if this was a good idea. Then my legal helper (Justin) called me to tell me they dismissed my Capital One debt. In the beginning they told me it would take years to get the job done but they dismissed my debt within a year. That's why I don't listen to peoples OPINIONS because they only complain when things seem to not go the way they want it. I have one more debt with them and i'm definitely staying. Good luck to everybody that left them.


I have some experience with law firms, and everything I've read here sounds like National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS) et al are running a classic scam. (Everything, that is, except the post by ChargerRT1983, who sounds like an NLSS plant.) Competent law firms do not work the way the posters here say Joe DeVito and NLSS work. What's more, everything NLSS say it'll do for lots of money is stuff that you can do yourself for free with just a bit of Internet research, letter-writing, and follow-up.

I don't know Steven Hofer from Adam, but I'd trust him and his consumer-protection law firm over NLSS any day, and I hope he wins his suit against them. I can't believe NLSS can get away with this stuff, but that's the sad state of consumer protection in America these days. By and large, we 99% folks are largely defenseless against scamsters unless we can get a consumer-protection lawyer to take our case in a class-action suit, which is time-consuming and expensive.

I went to the federal court records (Public Access to Court Electronic Records: PACER) and read Steven Hofer's first amended complaint against NLSS et al. It's damning. You can read it here:


I'm in this same boat right now. Can anyone share updates? I am sick over this and don't know where to turn. I see there was a recent lawsuit against them for this.


My name is Steve Hofer, I am a consumer attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have received complaints about Kevin Mason, GM Law Firm, and National Legal Staffing Support LLC from people located in multiple states.  If you have information, I would love to talk with you (no charge), and I will try to refer you to a NACA consumer lawyer in your state.  My policy is that I only take clients from Indiana. 

Steven Hofer
Consumer Law Office of Steve Hofer
8888 Keystone Crossing Suite 1300
Indianapolis In 46240
(317) 662-4529

(You can Google me to find out I am legit.  For a quick response, call me on the phone or fill out the intake form on my website listed above. I can't check this message board very often, and I don't want my email address spammed. Some states might consider this to be ATTORNEY ADVERTISING MATERIAL.)


so I have been following this thread of information because I have been thinking about using GM Law Firm to help me with my debt. I have to say the information I have been reading is very hard to follow. the link a couple comments above, posted by user Colleague is very misleading as well. it directs you to a link that shows a lawsuit, "Castellanos vs GM Law Firm" however, if you actually look up the lawsuit it shows that it has ben dismissed, I have attached a copy of the pdf dismissal I downloaded. It seems as though this Attorney Hofer has some sort of personal gripe with GM Law because the case with Castellanos was dismissed, however he is back on this forum searching for potential clients again? This is all very confusing as the information i have pulled up about GM Law Firm doesn't lead me to believe they are Fraudulent or bad. It simply shows that there are a few clients that just aren't happy. I'm going to keep following this info thread for more information before i make my decision and do some further research. I hope what i have found here is helpful to others.


Before anyone plans to sign a contract with GM Law / Kevin Mason / NLSS please google search 'Kevin Mason Law Scam'.  He is currently being sued by multiple people.  Below is an affidavit of a whistle blower who worked for NLSS.  Very interesting document.

I was able to get out of my contract with them for a full 100% refund but not before Gregory Fishman and Jon Sabia left me very nasty voicemails.

I have personally spoke with Steve Hofer and he's as genuine as it gets.  If you're currently still under contract with these companies, please reach out to him.