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Not getting credit for on-time qualifying loan payments!

Started by LasVegasMom1, June 28, 2016, 12:32:27 pm

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Help!  I have been enrolled in the PSLF program since 2012.  I have made all on-time qualifying payments and my account shows only THREE (3).  It should be closer to 35-40!  The "loan counselors" from FedLoan Servicing are no help whatsoever!  Has this happened to any else and if so, any advice?  Thanks.


Are you sure each payment is qualifying? Are you on the standard 10-year repayment plan or IBR/PAYE/RePAYE? Have you certified your employment already for these payments?

We have a video training here that can help: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/17523/pslf-online-video-training/


I also have had trouble with the qualifying payments calculated.  I have been enrolled in the Program since 2010 and have made every payment on time, the full amount, and have been enrolled in the IBR program.  I also have been submitting, as the program advises, my yearly re-certification paperwork to prove I'm still eligible, and they send me a confirmation letter each year.  I have worked for a variety of employers.  My first two years were with an AmeriCorps program; 2 years at a local non-profit group, and the past several at a state agency...all of which were approved by the program.  Each year I submit my re-certification, and they send me the approval, they also include the number of qualified payments.  In my recent letter back, they actually said I had less qualifying payments than the previous year even though I've made 12 qualifying payments over the past year.  Additionally, I've been struggling them to account for the AmeriCorps award (about $5,500) which I applied in lump sum back in 2011, which according to the PSLF guidence, should account for 12 payments (my income during my AmeriCorps position was only $11K annually).  I have called multiple agents and have submitted multiple emails under the "contact us".  I have documentation of each and every payment I made including the dates they were made and can prove I've made 7 years worth of "qualified payments" and explain this in my emails.  In the latest email I sent in October, I requested that there be a complete review of all of my payments and a re-calculation of my AmeriCorps lump sum payment.  I received a quick response saying that I would hear back from them in 30 days.  I sent that email in October of 2016 and as of today, April 5, 2017 have not heard another word.  I'm seriously considering taking all of my paperwork on a road trip to visit Fedloan and meet with someone in person because I have no other options!  I definitely feel your pain.  The agents are not very helpful and I've never even been able to speak to a manager even when I request. 


I forgot to mention to the above comment that as I said, I've been enrolled since 2010 and should only have approximately 3 years (2020 ish) left of repayment.  According to their calculations, they say I wont be eligible for forgiveness until 2023.  Ridiculous.