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Do I have to do something after 25 years to get forgiveness, Mohela didn't help

Started by michaelbrown, June 30, 2016, 09:18:25 am

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My first loan was in 1979 and i have never had enough income to make a single payment. Should I have been forgiven by now? Do I have to do something?

Mohela, my current provider after Aspire, said they don't have access to records of my loan before it got transfered to them from Aspire in 2015. They Government site does not appear to have any way to contact them on this, there is just a link to determine who is handling your loan, Mohela in my case. I remember my loan being given to Aspire around 10 years ago but I'm not sure of this. It was taken out with the US Government, no bank was involved. My loan is now about $110,000.

The best responce I got from Mohela was that I would be sent an email from somewhere when the 25 years was up, but as I mentioned earler, my fire loan was taken out in 1979, 37 years ago. My last loan was taken out sometime in the 80s.


This is a case where a student loan lawyer could be valuable - they can ask the lender to provide proof of the loan.

However, if you're sure you owe on the debt, then it might make more sense to work with the lender.

Just because you haven't paid doesn't mean you get forgiveness. You needed to be on an income-based repayment plan (where your payment could have been $0), and that would have granted you forgiveness after 25 years. Since you didn't sign up for this, you're SOL on that front.


What guarantee does one have that after 20-30 years of IBR Plan that the loan will be forgiven if I haven't received something like that? I got a notice of being on a IBR plan but nothing that says its been 1 year now and you have 29 more to go! Best wishes!

Then after 20 years the company im working with called Western Benefits Group will say oops you aren't forgiven but just been paying the interest payments for 20 years long. Sorry!

Please help,



IBR is a program created by the Department of Education and you can monitor your loans and payments on StudentLoans.gov and the National Student Loan Data System. You should be working with a third-party company and paying them. You have no guarantee with them, but you do have a guarantee with the law of the United States.