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Non Profit in Spouses Name

Started by Shilohseye, July 19, 2016, 02:13:48 pm

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can answer this question. I am working for a non profit that helps youth. My spouse happens to have the non-profit in their name. Here are my questions:

1. Do I have to be paid a certain amount in order to qualify?
2. If the organization is in my spouses name, can I still qualify for PSLF?
3. Can I be on the board of this organization?
4. Does the non-profit have to make a certain amount in order to qualify?

Is there anything else I'm not thinking of?

Thanks so much..


1. You have to be a full time employee of the non profit according to the IRS (typically 30 hours or more per week)
2. Doesn't matter who owns it
3. Yes, but this doesn't exempt you from the full time employment aspect of qualification
4. The non profit has to be certified by the IRS as a 503c and cannot be a partisan political organization or labor union

Here's a full fact sheet: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/sites/default/files/public-service-loan-forgiveness.pdf