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www.fedloanhelp.org rip off report! Scam Alert!

Started by robert1, September 08, 2016, 03:35:17 pm

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Hello all!

about six months ago, I called fedloanhelp.org for assistance with my student debt.  I spoke to a lady named Allie, who was clearly robotic and reading from a sales script.  Without even pulling up my loans, and just asking me how much my rent, and car payment was, they said I qualify for $38.92 monthly payments towards my loans, down from $185.00 per month!  No sign up fees, because Allie told me they are a not for profit organization...  that was a red flag in my mind, but i continued with the process, and signed up.

Fast forward five months...  My loans have been put in an administrative forbearance, and my monthly $38.92 was going into the pockets of the owners...  Brian Pascal and Nathaniel Greene.  They said my monthly payment is a donation to the organization!!  Really?  Thanks for not telling me that Allie Stewart!  These people are straight liars and crooks.  I have since reported Brian, Nathaniel, and Allie to the DOE, BBB, and the general public.  This guy Brian is a past crook in other business organizations, and is only out to scam you.  I did some research online about him.  his henchman Nathaniel makes a measly $1600.00 a week to scam people that call in and complain!  What a loser!