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Loan forgiveness for Art Institute students? Is it real? Can I trust ASLHC??

Started by Econklin, July 20, 2015, 03:11:00 pm

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I graduated with my Bachelors of fine arts from the Art Institute with about $ 64k in debt. It has since been 10years and I still owe 45k, never found that high paying job they advertised and feel like I am swimming in debt. I see adds posted from the American Student Loan Help Center claiming that my debt can be forgiven because the AI is closing several locations and being investigated. Is this true? Can I trust the American Student Loan Help Center?   :-\


Sorry, but once you've graduated, you aren't eligible for any type of loan cancellation for school closure.

The fact that it closed after you attended, regardless of the reason, doesn't change the fact you have to repay your loans.

The only time you're possibly eligible is if your school closes and you can't transfer any of your coursework or move schools. It's very very rare.

As for the company, I've never heard of them. Anything they are offering to do, you can do for yourself for free at StudentLoans.gov.