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Ever hear of studentadvocates.com?

Started by fran1029, October 01, 2015, 05:08:18 pm

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My daughter suggested these people to me. I am carrying a ridiculous amount of parent plus loan debt for their schooling to a for profit school. I tried working with Navient and they are not helpful at all. After I spoke with Student Advocates, I was a bit worried as I read about scams and such about student loan help programs. My daughter is angry with me for thinking they may not be on the up and up, and I also read that fedloans.org, which is who she pays, is legitimate, but poorly run. I want to be fair, and I want to pay my debts, but I cannot keep making astronomical payments to Navient when they have all my documentation on my salary, etc. and know I can't afford their monthly payment. I know consolidation and refinancing is best option, which is what I was trying to work with Navient on. I now find that we are supposed to be able to do that for free and not have to go through an organization that charges a fee.
I'm deeply concerned.


You don't need to pay a third-party service. Federal Parent Plus loans are highly regulated and you only get a couple of options with them.

The options are simple:
- Consolidation
- Change your repayment to the extended plan

You can do both of them for free on StudentLoans.gov, as well as through Navient.

The only "other" choice is to refinance into a private loan, which may be helpful if you can get a great rate. You can check for free with our student loan refinancing tool: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/student-loan-refinancing-tool/