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What Should I Do?

Started by Oliver Jerome, November 06, 2016, 09:54:48 am

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Oliver Jerome

Hello my name is Oliver Jerome. I went to the University of Kansas last year for one semester. I realized at the end of the year that I couldn't afford it. I didn't understand it was a pay as you go sort of thing. I thought I would be billed with a lot of debt when I got out of college with a degree. I learned better after I realized that my parents wouldn't help me at all financially and they wouldn't even cosign. Because of their yearly income that I see none of, I don't qualify for government aid. I want to go to college again but the $200 a month bill is too much for $9.16 an hour I get from 40 hours a week at Starbucks. Plus I have credit card bills and other bills I take every week sending me more into debt. I actually renegotiated with the payments to get it down more because I told them there price would put me on the streets starving. I still can't afford it and they told me I'm going to be put through a collection agency. Honestly theres nothing they could really take, I don't have a lot of possesions as I myself have sold them to make ends meet. This is all sending me through a depression. I know I need to get another job but with the debt I have from one semester is screwing me over. I even tried credit cards to increase my credit to get loans (because I owe the school) but I haven't been able to get any. I feel like I'm being screwed over by the system and I need help


That's a tough spot. You have several things going on and you really need to sort it out.

I think you'd benefit from really getting financially organized. Read this as a starting point: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/15522/completely-organize-financial-life/

As for the college question, there's nothing wrong with debt as long as it's done responsibly. Here's a good article on how to think about your ROI of paying for college: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/7868/college-worth-investment/