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Student loan care / student loan division ..scam?!?

Started by Bg123, November 08, 2016, 04:29:07 pm

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I got a notice in the mail from student loan division.  Opened up like a mailed check with perfererated edged. Had writing on it that said "secured document fines and imprisonment if anyone interfered with delivery of this". It had the rounded amount of my student loans on it with an eligibility code. Return address says  1133 westchester ave s-223, white plains ny 10604. I called and he asked general qualifying info like income, what I pay for loans now, etc. He explained the William ford act? I did give him my social. He also asked that i allow him into my fedloan account to see what my total debt and terms of repayment were which I did do. There are no bank accounts saved on there.  He hung up right after saying he had to talk to his supervisor that I should have consolidated the loans and fed loan never did that for me.  I called back 6 hours later and he was in a meeting. Person on the phone told me they were located in California. Now I'm nervous it's a scam and they have my social.



I just received the same letter in the mail, wanted to search to internet to see if this is a scam before I call and give out any of my personal information.  The letter says its a secure document from:
Student Loan Division
1133 Westchester Avenue S-223
White Plains, NY 10604 USA

Can someone confirm on deny if this is a scam, I could really use the relief but I don't want to be scammed in the process.



Once again, we can't help you decide that or offer any information about this company. We can tell you, in general, that you don't need to pay for student loan assistance with your Federal student loans. You can do everything for free at StudentLoans.gov or by calling your loan servicer.


Disclaimer* I have not used this company* But want to bring things to peoples attention who may be considering this company!

1.) This company seeks out students to target them via direct mailings.
2.) Within the letter it gives details that make you think they have some inside knowledge and can help you, such as your loan amount (estimated) and claiming that recent legislation has passed, as well as claiming you qualify for lower rates. Your letter may even include a "Final Notice" section claiming eligibility is nearing its end.

I am going to go through this right now, piece by piece.

1.) Final notice - This is a bold faced lie. Consumers never receive a first notice, to make the use of a final notice legitimate.
2.) The Expiration date - Federal loan programs have no expiration date, and therefore this is also a lie. The federal programs are available the entire life of your loan.
3.) The Recent Government Legislation part - This again is a Lie, The William D. Ford Act, is not commonly known, but you have heard what it does. It established the Direct Loan programs both subsidized and subsidized. Nothing more. There is no forgiveness in this act.  Also known and the Federal Direct Loan Act. Which was re-enacted in 2010. Hardly recent.
4.) All the information in the letter is public record, it says so right at the bottom of the letter in small print. This information is public record.
5.) The services they are offering you and charging you for are for them to keep track of paperwork and possibly submit them/fill them out to the federal government ONLY. These programs are FREE, and do not cost you a thing. So you are paying someone lots of money to do something you can do for FREE via the Federal governments site. Google fed Loan servicing and it will get you all your programs.
6.) The letter says you should be comfortable speaking with one of their student loan specialists, DO NOT DO IT. They do not need any information from you. You can do everything yourself, and put the money you would of spent on them into bringing loans back from Default into good standing, or paying down your loans. The fed loan servicing even has an electronic option so you dont even have to send in most of your information.

This company by all accounts is a fraud and a scam. NEVER pay anyone to do something that is FREE. I do not know how much this company costs, but I doubt its cheap. Shame on them for targeting students who they know are struggling to milk them for more money. Do yourself a favor and destroy the letter!

Go to https://myfedloan.org/ for more help on getting on the payment plans this letter speaks of. . . for FREE


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I would say definitely watch out for this. I have a friend that works in a phone room that does all types of "debt assistance", AKA fraud. They work with student loans, mortgages, etc. I know that they send out letters like this and I don't know what they do, but I know they don't really help people.


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Sorry for opening an old thread and being late to the show, but I wanted to add my opinion just in case it is useful. I understand your situation because now, I am also facing same the kind of issue, I hope your problem should be solved or else are you still struggling?

My friend referred to one site Floridatitleloans.org. Is this Company worth considering? I will be happy if you concern about it. Thanks in


Quote from: TheCollegeInvestor on December 14, 2016, 12:55:59 pmOnce again, we can't help you decide that or offer any information about this company. We can tell you, in general, that you don't need to pay for student loan assistance with your Federal student loans. You can do everything for free at StudentLoans.gov or by calling your loan servicer.

Hi TheCollegeInvestor,

Thank you for the information!!